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Opening an Account

What countries do you support?

All residents of the United States and Canada may participate. We offer full services for our Canadian clients including shipping their saved metal to Canadian addresss. Keep in mind that a valid U.S. or Canadian bank account is required, and the name on your SilverSaver® account must match the name on the bank account.

I live outside the U.S. and Canada. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately, no. You must be a citizen of the U.S. or Canada with a U.S. or Canadian bank account that has the same name on the account as your SilverSaver® account as well as a valid address within one of the two countries.

How do I open an account?

Click Create Account and you will be directed to the signup form. Fill in the required information.

You will need to know your bank routing and account numbers. The bank routing number is the 9-digit number generally found to the left of the account number on a check. When you are on the Summary page, check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Click on Complete My Signup. You are then taken to the login page where you can access your newly created SilverSaver® account. A welcome email will be sent to you as well.

Why do I have to select 3 security questions?

The first time you log into your account, you are required to select three (3) security questions and provide the answers. The questions will be used to reset your password if needed. (see "I forgot my password. How can I reset this?")

Are the answers to the security questions case-sensitive?

Yes they are. The questions are required to be answered in the exact format in which you entered them.

How do I know that I have created my account successfully?

Once you click on "Complete My Signup" at the end of the signup wizard, you are taken to the login page. Log into your newly created SilverSaver® account. If you are able to log into your account, you have created your SilverSaver® account successfully. You will also receive a welcome email almost immediately. If you need further assistance please contact us. Our contact information can be found at

We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer version 10 or higher, Firefox, or Safari 6 or higher for added security and compatibility.

Do you plan on making SilverSaver® available to other countries in the future?

We do plan to expand to other countries in the future. However, there is no definitive timeline for this as of right now.

Logging in & Passwords

Uh-oh! I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

Go to and put in your email address associated with your SilverSaver® account. Click Continue and an email with your username and a password reset link will be sent to the email address on record. Open up the email and click on the password reset link. You will be asked to answer all three of the security questions and provide a new password. Click Submit and you will be taken to the login page. You can now login with your new password.

If you only needed to verify your username, simply disregard the password reset link.

Verifying Your Linked Bank Account

What is a linked bank account?

When you open an account with SilverSaver®, you are required to enter both your bank account number and your bank routing number. This bank account is now linked to your SilverSaver® account. In accordance with your Saving Schedule, dollars will be sent electronically from this bank account to SilverSaver® to purchase metal for your SilverSaver® account.

What is the process of verifying my bank account?

It is very similar to PayPal. When you add a bank account to your SilverSaver® account, SilverSaver® will deposit two (2) small amounts into that bank account. Watch for these transactions to occur. Then see "What do I do with the two verification deposits that I see in my bank account?"

No scheduled purchases will take place until the bank verification process is complete.

What do I do with the two verification deposits that I see in my bank account?

From your SilverSaver® Home Page, roll your mouse over My Account and click on My Bank Accounts. Click the Verify button. You will then need to enter both amounts in the boxes on the screen to complete the bank verification process.

Why do you verify my bank account?

This is for your security, verifying that this is your bank account and that all the information entered is accurate.

I received an email stating that the two (2) small amounts were rejected by my bank.
What do I do now?

It is very likely that either the bank account or the routing number was entered incorrectly (no spaces in account and routing numbers). Check with your bank to make sure you have the right routing number for your particular account number. Simply log into your SilverSaver® account and remove the linked bank account that rejected the small amounts. Add a new bank account with the correct bank information. SilverSaver® will again deposit two (2) small amounts using the updated bank account information.

Can I purchase using a credit card or check instead?

No, at this time we only accept ACH transactions from your bank account. ACH transactions are faster and safer than paper checks and cheaper than credit cards.

Is my information secure?

See "Privacy and Security" FAQs

How do I remove or add a new bank account?

Login to your SilverSaver® account, roll your mouse over My Account and click on My Bank Accounts.

* Click on Remove to remove your linked bank account.
* Click on Add New Bank Account to add a new bank account and follow through with the verification process.

Cash Accounts

Can this be used for purchasing?

Yes, your SilverSaver® Cash Account is primarily used for purchasing metal using our Live Buy Transaction feature.
Funds in your Cash Account can not be used to purchase using our daily base price.

How can this be used for selling?

When you sell metal, using the Live Sell feature or using the Daily Base Price, you can choose to have the proceeds of the sale deposited into your SilverSaver® Cash account.

How can this be used for depositing my money?

There are two ways to deposit into your SilverSaver® Cash Account.

1. From your bank account.
2. By selling metal held in your account.

Is withdrawing my money an option?

Yes. At any time you may request a withdrawal of dollars from your SilverSaver® Cash Account to your linked bank account.
These funds will show up in your bank account within 3 business days.

Is the money in my cash account insured?

Yes, each client has "pass-through" FDIC insurance on the money that is deposited into their cash account, up to $250,000.

When will the funds be available to purchase with?

The funds will be available for you to purchase metal with, on the morning of the date that you scheduled the deposit to take place. You may use these funds to make a purchase using a live price transaction 24x7x365 without exception.

Until what time can I schedule a deposit to occur on the following business day?

This cut off is 9pm central time.


Is this physical silver and gold I am purchasing?

Yes. You purchase pure physical silver and gold that is allocated and titled in your name. You have legal ownership of an exact weight of metal.

What is your per transaction minimum and maximum?

  • Scheduled The minimum purchase is $25 per week or $50 per month for scheduled metal purchases and cash deposits.
  • Single Purchases For single metal purchases and cash deposits the minimum is $50.
  • Bank Wire Minimum $5,000, no maximum. Please call 1-800-701-3546 for wire instructions

Are credit cards or checks accepted?

No, at this time we only accept ACH transactions from your linked bank account. ACH transactions are much safer and faster than paper checks and less expensive than credit cards.

How many Saving Schedules are permitted?

You may create as many schedules as you choose. For example, if you currently have one weekly Saving Schedule and would like to initiate a one-time purchase, simply add a new Saving Schedule for a one-time purchase.

How do I change my Saving Schedule(s)?

Simply remove an existing schedule and add a new one.

Remove an existing schedule:
1. Log into your account (if not already logged in).
2. Go to the account (metal type) that has the schedule you would like to change.
3. Click the Remove button located to the right of your current schedule.
4. Click the Yes, Remove It button.

Add a new schedule:
1. Log into your account (if not already logged in).
2. Go to the account (metal type) that has the schedule you would like to change.
3. Click the Add Saving Schedule button.
4. Select Bank Account.
5. Select Start Date.
REMINDER: If your bank account is not yet verified, choose a start date a few days into the future to give time for this process.
6. Select Frequency (Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, 1st and 15th).
7. Type in the amount (Example: 150).
8. Click the Save button.

What is the difference between Balance and Deliverable ounces?

Balance shows the current amount that is allocated and titled to you.
Deliverable shows the current amount from your Balance that you can have delivered.
It takes four (4) business days for each purchase to show up as Deliverable ounces. This is an added layer of security to ensure that the bank account owner authorized the purchase.

What are GoldGrains™?

There are 480 grains (gr.) in 1 tr. oz. of gold.

What is the Rate?

With precious metals, billion dollar transactions are made at market spot prices, but smaller transactions are made using an applicable rate which determines the amount paid over market prices for each particular metal.

This rate ranges from as low as 1.99% to 7.49%. Your pricing is based on the gold and silver purchases you have made over the lifetime of your SilverSaver® account.

Lifetime Loyalty Pricing™

Lifetime Purchase Amount Rate
Starting 7.49%
$150 6.49%
$300 5.99%
$1,000 4.69%
$10,000 3.99%
$25,000 3.49%
$100,000 2.99%
$1,000,000 - New! 1.99%


In January you make a $5,000 purchase of silver. This purchase is made at a 4.69% rate.

In April you purchase $6,000 of gold. This purchase is made at a 3.99% rate since your lifetime purchase amount is now above the $10,000 breakpoint.

In May you purchase $100 of silver or gold. This purchase is made at the same 3.99% rate.

In July you purchase $15,000 of gold. This purchase is made at a 3.49% rate since your lifetime purchase amount is now above the $25,000 breakpoint.

At what price do I purchase my silver and gold?

* For scheduled purchases, silver and gold are purchased at their respective SilverSaver® Base Prices plus your rate.

* For Live purchasing transactions, silver and gold are purchased at the live market spot price plus your rate.

Live Spot Price & SilverSaver® Base Prices

What is a "Spot Price?"

Gold and silver prices can change from one moment to the next. A spot price is a snapshot at a given point in time, of the current spot market price for gold or silver.

What are the SilverSaver® Base Prices?

On a daily basis when the metals market is open and actively traded, we purchase large quantities of gold and silver at the spot market price at the moment we make our purchase. This price becomes our SilverSaver® base price. Over the history of the SilverSaver® Base Price it has averaged within pennies +/- of the London Daily Fix.

Where can I obtain the most recent and/or historical SilverSaver® Base Price?

You can access them at

Where does the Live Spot Price come from?

Live pricing is based on a data feed showing the market price from the exchange that represents what the current market price is.


What price do I get when I sell my silver and gold?

* If you Schedule your sell to happen at the next daily base price, your metal will be exchanged at the corresponding SilverSaver® Base price. This differs from dealers who often purchase your silver and gold anywhere between 3% to 10% or more below market price.

* You can also sell your metal using the Live Buy/Sell feature. If you choose to sell this way, you will sell at the live spot price that is quoted to you.

Taking Delivery

What is the minimum number of ounces I can have delivered to my door?

Each delivery request must consist of at least 20 oz. of silver or 1 oz. of gold.

Can I have my metal shipped to me on a schedule?

As of right now, this is not a feature we offer. Submitting a request to have your metal shipped only takes a few seconds. Please see the next question for directions on how to take delivery.

How do I take delivery of my metal?

From your homepage:

Click on Take Delivery
Select which account and click OK
Specify the quantity of each form you want shipped to you
Click outside of the box and scroll down to the bottom of the page
Click Submit Order
After reviewing your delivery order click Submit Delivery Order

What are the available options for taking delivery?

We like to keep a wide selection of different forms, from well known mints and refiners, for our clients to choose from. You can see a complete list of options at

What are the costs for delivery?

For each type, there is an exchange cost. This includes fabrication (or government premium), packing, shipping & handling and insurance. It is deducted from your account in silver or gold at the time of purchase- not in dollars. You can find specific exchange costs at

What shipping method is used for delivery?

Our primary method of shipment is FedEx, with the exception of using USPS for deliveries being made to PO Boxes.
If you would like to request a different carrier, please send an email to each time you make a request to take delivery.

How long does it take once I submit my delivery request?

Orders usually ship out the following business day. To avoid metal sitting in shipping warehouses over the weekend, we do not ship out on Fridays. If your package is being sent to a residential address it can take anywhere from 2-5 business days. For packages going to a PO Box this sometimes take a little longer.


How much does it cost to store my metal?

There is a small storage fee of 0.05% per month. This minimal fee is deducted from your account automatically on the first of each month in silver or gold. For example, if you have 20 ounces of silver in your account, it would amount to .01 ounces of silver.

either ounces or grains


Where is my metal being held?

Your metal is safely stored at First State Depository Company, LLC located in Delaware. First State is a fully insured, world-class non-bank depository. For more information on security please see "Privacy and Security" FAQs

Rewards Program

What are Silver and Gold Rewards?

SilverSaver® provides you with your own rewards link or Share-Code that you can give others when they sign up to save. Once they do, an amount up to 50% of the rate for their transactions is added to your account in silver or gold each time they save. You will receive Silver Rewards when those you refer save in silver and Gold Rewards when they save in gold. You will continue to receive rewards as long as you have made a purchase in the month.

How do I participate in the Silver and Gold Rewards program?

The only requirement is to purchase a minimum of $50 a month on a schedule. See the answer to “How do I tell others about SilverSaver®?” for ideas.

Can I see some sample rewards calculations?


I did not save in the last month. Do I still qualify for Silver and Gold Rewards?

Simply start saving again and you will be eligible once again.

How do I tell others about SilverSaver®?

Log on to your account, roll your mouse over Share SilverSaver in the top right-hand corner, and click on Share Now! You will then be presented with various methods on how to share. The Easy-Share method is the simplest way.

How can I see if I have successfully referred someone?

Log on to your account, roll your mouse over Share SilverSaver in the top right-hand corner and click on My Rewards. For security purposes, you will not see the names but you can see, in the black box, the number of people who have successfully shared.

I referred someone but I don't seem to be getting rewarded, what do I do?

To qualify for Silver Rewards, you must have made a purchase in the last month.

If you have and still aren't getting rewarded, in order to get all future rewards we will need the person that you referred to call our office at 1-800-701-3546. For security purposes, we cannot make any changes until we hear from them directly.

Privacy & Security

Is my information secure?

Sensitive information such as password, bank information and answers to your security questions are encrypted in the database. Information transmitted between you and is also encrypted. Encryption on the website site is verified by Digicert. is also tested and verified daily by McAfee to protect you from identity theft, viruses, spyware, and other online threats.

SSL Certificates
  McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

How about my privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy at

How about my metal?

Your silver is safely stored and insured at First State Depository Company, LLC located in Wilmington, Delaware. First State is a fully insured, world-class non-bank depository. Please see for more information on security. You can also view the insurance policy with Lloyds of London at

General Questions

What are the differences between SilverSaver® and pool accounts?

There are several differences but unallocated versus allocated is the central difference between a "pool account" and SilverSaver®.

This is how SilverSaver® operates. Allocated silver or gold is very simple. The metal is held on behalf of the account holder under a custody agreement. It is held at a depository titled in your name as your outright property. The metal is neither the property nor liability of the depository. With this type of agreement it is not subject to any third party creditors.
Every purchase transaction is initiated by you via At the time the transaction is completed, ownership transfers from MassMetal LLC to you. At that point First State Depository has agreed to act as physical custodian of your bullion, until at your instruction you decide to sell the silver back or initiate delivery, submitted by you, exclusively via

In an unallocated pool account the account holder does not have title to the silver or gold he/she has "purchased". Rather, in reality what the investor has "purchased" is an asset or claim to a certain amount of silver or gold. So essentially, in an unallocated account you are promised a defined amount of silver or gold. ("Your" metal is simply a liability on the balance sheet of the bank or company) There may or may not be a pile of physical metal held to back the purchase and if there were it could conceivably be leased out to generate interest for the bank or company with the expectation of it being returned if needed. What this means is, you could find yourself standing in line with all of the other unsecured creditors in the event of financial problems or insolvency of the purveyors of this type of account. We do not recommend anyone use this type of account. You want to be an owner not a creditor.

What would happen if silver or gold becomes unobtainable?

First of all, the likelihood of metal at the refiner level being unobtainable is a remote possibility. However if SilverSaver® is unable to replenish inventory from any refiners or similar, SilverSaver® would inform all Savers and suspend all scheduled incoming funding until further notice. (Remember as well, YOU have complete control to change or remove your scheduled purchases via at any time) This would NOT affect your metal held in custody by the depository. Your purchased silver and/or Gold would be held safely in the depository until you submit instructions via When silver again becomes available, we would notify all Savers, you could re-activate your schedule(s).

Can I add a beneficiary to my account?

No, we do not add beneficiaries to SilverSaver® accounts because you are purchasing physical metal. This is just like any other physical asset you own. You would declare who receives this in your will.

How do I set up a SilverSaver® account for my trust?

Please fax us the following:

* The first page of the trust agreement
* Signature page
* Certification of taxpayer ID number

You can fax this to us at 888-473-5891, once we review the documents we will email to let you know we have received them or if further information is needed.

Does SilverSaver® offer an IRA program?

Yes, SilverSaver® offers a Silver and Gold IRA program. It is available for those who have at least $25,000 to invest when opening a precious metals IRA.

SilverSaver makes opening a precious metals IRA painless and easy. Call us at 800-701-3546 to get the process started today - we will be your personal guide.

If you need additional information that you didn't find on this page, please
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