Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to store my metal?

There is a small storage fee of 0.05% per month. This minimal fee is deducted from your account automatically on the first of each month in silver or gold. For example, if you have 20 ounces of silver in your account, it would amount to .01 ounces of silver.

Where is my metal being held?

Your metal is safely stored at First State Depository Company, LLC located in Delaware. First State is a fully insured, world-class non-bank depository. For more information on security please see "Privacy and Security" FAQs

Storage Fee Calculator

Metal stored at the depository is assessed a monthly storage cost of 0.05% (that is five hundredths of one percent). This storage cost is deducted in metal from your SilverSaver® account automatically each month.

Your physical silver and gold is allocated and titled in your name, insured 100% and stored at First State Depository located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Note: The SilverSaver® base price in effect on the day storage fees are deducted from accounts may vary from examples displayed on this page.

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