How it works

Add Your Bank Account

At the end of the account set-up process, you will be asked to add a bank account from which you would like scheduled purchases to be automatically deducted. For your account security, you will be required to verify your bank account information in a manner similar to the online giant PayPal.

The bank verification process may take 1-2 business days. Two small amounts will be deposited into your bank account; watch your account closely for these deposits. Take note of the amounts when they are posted, then log into your SilverSaver® account. You will then be prompted to verify the account by entering both amounts on the screen.

Your scheduled purchases will be activated only after the bank verification process is complete. You will need to complete this process only once for each bank account linked to your SilverSaver® account.

*NOTE: Please do not attempt to verify your bank account with SilverSaver® before receiving the deposits, as you are only provided a limited number of tries to verify your bank account.