How it works

Live Price

SilverSaver allows you to buy silver or gold bullion using the live spot price. First, you must fund your cash account by selecting “cash account” at the left side of the top navigation bar. Next, select “Make A Deposit” and fill out the following information: (1) the amount you wish you deposit, (2) the bank account from which the funding will come, (3) how often you want to do this, (4) the business day you want to use live pricing to buy metals. These funds will be available in your cash account the morning of the selected business day.

Once you have a funded cash account, you will click "Live Buy/Sell" on the top navigation bar to see the available funds to make your purchase. Choose the silver or gold bullion account, then enter dollar amount you wish to purchase. A quote will automatically display the purchase price and weight of the gold or silver. You can choose to accept or reject this quote. Once you decide to “Accept and Buy Now,” the metal is sold out of your metal account and dollars are immediately deposited into your SilverSaver® Cash Account. You can either leave this cash in your SilverSaver® account or request a separate withdrawal.

Congratulations! You just purchased physical silver or gold.