The SilverSaver® Daily Base Price

On business days when the metal markets are open and actively traded, there will be one SilverSaver® Base Price for each type of metal. This price is posted to the SilverSaver® web site between 10am and 2pm Central Time.

The prices are historically comparable to internationally recognized silver prices such as the London Daily Fixed and the Handy & Harman Daily Fixed prices. We publish recent base prices on our website.
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Scheduling Purchases

Scheduling purchases makes saving easy! This is very customizable and allows you to tell us exactly how much money and what date you want to purchase your metal on and we do the work for you. Different types of saving schedules are: once, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and the first and fifteenth of each month.

New purchases can be scheduled until 8:00 AM (CT) and be processed the same day.

When you schedule a purchase, Silver troy ounces or GoldGrains® are added to your account on the date you choose shortly after the base prices are posted.

Note: the amount of metal you purchase is determined according to your Lifetime Loyalty Pricing™ rate. Click more information.

Scheduling Metal Sells

Selling using the daily base price never incurs extra fees or discounts - we simply buy your metal back at the base price.

Your order to sell at the next base price must be received before 10am to get that day's base price. Sell orders entered after 10am will be processed at the next base price.

The metal you're selling must be metal that is in your available account balance and stored at the depository.

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