Protecting the purchasing power of your savings is important! Today, the purchasing power of all forms of paper wealth, including your money, is being threatened. The global financial crisis has exposed the flaws in the most dangerous monetary experiment ever undertaken.

Since 1971, when the United States cut its final tie to gold as a means to back our money, we have been living in a world dominated by paper money. The problem is paper money (also known as "fiat" money) derives its purchasing power by nothing more than confidence in the ability of each nation to maintain a "prudent fiscal policy," i.e. refraining from the temptation to create too much money and credit.

They were not able to do it.

Fast forward to today. The response to the financial crisis of 2008/2009 was to "solve" the problems caused by their failure to avoid temptation and create too much money and credit - by creating more money and credit! This has shaken the confidence of the world's markets in the 40 year experiment of a world using nothing but fiat money.

Today, the eroding confidence in the world's fiat monetary system is threatening the value of all paper assets. It threatens the savings of every individual whose assets are denominated in any form of paper, including and especially fiat money. This simply should not be the case.

Kennedy Half

Walking Liberty
Half Dollar

Face value



Metal Composition

92% Copper
8% Nickel

90% Silver
10% Copper

Melt value on 08/04/2015



Highest of value or melt value



How many gallons of gasoline could you buy today? ($3.00 / gal.)

0.17 gallons

1.74 gallons

How many gallons of gasoline could you buy in the 1940's?


~2.00 gallons

Silver Price based on the latest available SilverSaver Base Price

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