Our Security Guarantee

In an age of scams and get-rich-quick schemes, finding a trusted resource for precious metals investing can be a challenge. That's why SilverSaver® is committed to providing our customers with complete transparency into our rigorous security controls and practices.

Online Security: SilverSaver® offers exceptional online security when setting your savings schedules, making one-time purchases and managing your account. We use DigiCert, providers of the best online security available today. Protecting your metals and your personal information is our top priority. We take your privacy very seriously.

Account Security: SilverSaver® addresses the issue of account security by requiring customers to verify their bank account information prior to beginning the savings process. Upon signup, customers receive two small deposits in the account they choose to use to convert their dollar savings to bullion. This critical step ensures that the customer has granted secure access to their bank account.

Storage Facility, Audits and Insurance: SilverSaver® customers can rest assured that their bullion is safe and accounted for when they choose to store it at the First State Depository. Periodically, employees from MassMetal, LLC conduct unannounced visits to the depository. There, we perform an audit of your holdings and verify that the total holdings held by First State Depository are fully covered by an insurance policy with Lloyds of London.

Secure Delivery: Unlike some companies who offer storage only, SilverSaver® enables you to take delivery of as little as 20 ounces of silver or 1 ounce (480 grains) of gold. First State Depository personnel carefully fill each order with the deliverable form of gold or silver bullion you request. All items are fully insured to your door, require an adult signature, and are discreetly packaged so that the contents are unknown by anyone handling them during the delivery process.